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Savings Accounts

Primary Share Savings

When you become a member at Avenir Financial, your first step will be to open a Primary Share Savings Account. Watch your savings grow through monthly dividends and access all of the added benefits that come with your credit union membership.

Money Market Accounts

Avenir Financial Money Market accounts are a great way to grow your savings in a safe place while earning monthly dividends. Get the flexibility of making deposits and limited withdrawals while growing your savings faster with higher dividend rates

Additional Savings

Avenir Financial offers savings accounts which help you set aside savings for health needs, a vacation or celebrations.
• Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
• Christmas Club
• Vacation Club


Certificate Accounts

Put your savings to work with Avenir Financial Certificate accounts that offer higher returns than Share Savings with flexible terms that fit your specific needs.

IRA Certificates

Save for retirement by opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). IRA Certificate accounts are available as Traditional or Roth IRAs. Minimum to open is $1,000.

IRA Share

IRA Share accounts are available as Traditional or Roth IRAs. Build your IRA by making consistent deposits into your IRA account. Set up automatic monthly transfers through payroll deduction or use online banking to schedule regular deposits.

What’s a Share Account?

We call it a “share” account because credit union members are actually owners. Read more.

Savings Tip

Set up monthly automatic transfer from your checking account to Share Savings account after payday.